Wedding Samples

These samples were scanned from studio proofs. They have been highly compressed to save bandwidth.

Image04.jpg 41.6K

Image05.jpg 57.0K

Image09.jpg 19.9K

Image10.jpg 40.5K

Image01.jpg 22.8K

Image02.jpg 20.9K

Image03.jpg 17.4K

Image06.jpg 21.1K

Image07.jpg 21.9K

Image08.jpg 26.5K

Image11.jpg 22.1K

Image12.jpg 17.8K

Image13.jpg 30.0K

Image14.jpg 21.5K

Image15.jpg 24.1K

Image16.jpg 25.7K

Weddings will run between $1200 and $1600 plus travel.
Basic package is 150 to 300 proofs in an album that is yours to keep.

Enlargments and other services are available.

E-mail me for details.