Portrait Samples

These samples were scanned from studio proofs. They have been highly compressed to save bandwidth.

Kardos12.jpg 29.3K

Image07.jpg 29.3K

Family 1.jpg 21.1K

Couple 1.jpg 22.7K

Brandi18.jpg 14.4K

DB6.jpg 13.3K

Image02.jpg 12.9K

Joel Barber FB.jpg 32.9K

Pat R4.jpg 12.3K

Sample01.jpg 21.0K

sample02.jpg 16.8K

Sample03.jpg 23.5K

Sample04.jpg 16.1K

Sample05.jpg 19.9K

Sample06.jpg 15.8K

Sample07.jpg 27.8K

Portrait session fees will be $75 and up plus travel. Minimum orders may apply. Factors such as family size, film or digital, and subject matter will influence prices.

E-mail me for details.